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Artist Watch
Fort Worth, Texas musician/choreographer Leon Bridges could be the new Sam Cooke? What do you think?
The guitarist is making a buzz with his vintage image and sound, as heard on this demo “Coming Home.” 
Nadira Norjahan
Double “A” Side
Nadira is a singer, songwriter and poet from West Philadelphia presenting her brand of music to the world. Soul, jazz, blues and inspirational music are the main genres for this powered high-energy soprano vocalist. Songwriting and poetry is where Nadira brings the story of real life experiences to the forefront, so that music and poetry lovers can’t help but relate to the pains, the joys and really feeling her message.
Kevin Ross, Motown's Next Big Star
V. Bozeman
She's been around longer than you think
Actress LisaRaye McCoy has put on her director's hat with her new movie Skinned, which focuses on colorism and Eurocentric beauty standards in the black community.
Skinned centers around Jolie (played by Jasmine Burke), a young Black women who is ridiculed in school for being dark-skinned. She is almost the exact contrast of her two sisters, who are lighter in complexion and always considered the “pretty ones.” They are socialites and have plenty of suitors while Jolie has never even been on a date.
Willow Smith's Shirt
Center of Controversy
Although it has since been removed, young fashionista Willow Smith’s faux topless photo on Instagram has put the teenage star at the center of controversy yet again. However, this time around many people are   wondering what all the fuss is about.

The vintage fitted top, designed by Jean Paul Gaultier does feature the nude figure of a woman, but it is evident that it isn’t actually Willow’s body.
Would you allow your 14-year-old to rock this t-shirt?